Wednesday, September 29, 2010

And the Ayodya belongs to....

30th Sept will declare the fate of Ayodhya....but will this verdict really going to change Ayodhya?
The answer was no,answer is no and the answer will be no and never.The verdict will only declare the faith of that land side but not Ayodhya.....
yesterday evening, while having  tea at home my cook comes to me said that maybe she will be absent for few days in upcoming week...
I said 'why'.
She replied 'the entire country would on flames,everyone is talking about this in my area,Hindu and Muslims going to fight against each other'..
I think, its natural to feel the anxiety, fear and uncertainty in air as we have seen these type of thing even before.I assured her that nothing is going to happened like this while she was leaving my home..
                                                                     Probably this is the only holy land by both the Hindu and Muslims are religiously attached and that's a good thing and bad thing as well.I strongly believe that the mandir or masjid can't be built with violence.
I think this india is much more different now that it was 20 years back,and the best part of current India is youth which are in majority.We are far more confident, go getters and having our identity other than just being Hindu or Muslims...This time youth should be altogether and its time to think about our country rather than our self.We are matured enough to handle the problem like this..
Its time to stand the Hindu and Muslims altogether with hand in hand and should welcome the decision.
I can just hope,appeal and belief that India stand tall..
I appeal all my friends maintain peace.
take care..

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