Sunday, September 26, 2010

games looks like a gamble..

another walls had collapsed yesterday in front of the Nehru stadium,where opening ceremony is about to take place.......i wish, this wall should have collapsed on any of the games officials who says everything is fine..nobody is ready to take the responsibility,neither the government nor the games federation. even participating countries are not supporting us,but this is all because of they are jealous of our great country.They need luxury to live...the England team has refused to stay in games village and they are staying in hotel...i just don't understand,whether they are here to play or to spend holiday....well leave it guys must be thinking that what is my problem,why i am so disturb about this commonwealth games,why i m writing against our own government????.....well...because this commonwealth has downed the image of our great India and we are the face of India.....we can't be diplomate anymore....its time to stand together against the government and the games federation....we are the responsible taxpayer of the country.and the question arise here is that, we pay taxes for the development of the country not for the embarrassment of the country...and when we are not responsible,its better not to organise such a big event....the whole world is watching India with the sympathetic eyes....and its a very bad thing for us,for the Indians.....take care guys and raise your voice against it........bye.........

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